Photo of Artist 

                Using digital image-making technologies, I seek to create a world of people and places that seem to exist in multiple dimensions of reality. Perhaps this is even a clearer representation of our existence. What is happening that we cannot see? How would the people I meet look in another era of history? What symbols are meaningful to large groups of people, despite ethnic backgrounds? As I search for these answers, images emerge that are at once understandable and yet elusively unidentifiable in terms of specific times and spaces. Spanning time periods, cultures, and locations, a kind of Jungian archetype materializes.

                As a child, I was heavily inspired by the Impressionist artists. The works of Monet, Manet, Cassat, and others opened me to the concept of perception versus reality. Is it possible to understand an image in just one instance of time? Or is it more accurate to portray a passage of time and movement? Though my work does not have the stylistic look of Impressionist paint daubs, the idea is very similar -- expressing the world as fluctuating reality.

                My process involves almost exclusively my own photography, I never use stock photography. Beginning with digital photographs taken on various trips and journeys from my life, I embellish each image with hours of photo software manipulation. Warping colors and shapes, cutting and pasting various elements, layering and juxtaposing imagery, all whilst intertwining thoughts and ideas are a heavy part of the process, but also part of the intentional meaning of my work.

                It is very natural for humanity to dream of new, magical or undiscovered realities; my work is about exposing that innate human desire to build and create, while simultaneously depicting a range of time, location, and meaning in such a way that people of a variety of ages and ethnicities find relatable. This open narrative is important to me. I strive to prevent each piece from becoming overly stated. Thus the work provides a pathway of thought where the viewer brings their own experiences to the piece and develops additional thematic elements for the players and props I have presented in the tableau, resulting in a new reality per each instance the work is viewed.


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